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You have found the old Viceroy's Area on Tripod. This series of webpages used to be one of the key web areas of the Viceroy's Area. However, times change and so does this area. The old Viceroy's Area was discontinued back on January 1, 2000.

Viceroy's Interactive had created a Viceroy's Interactive Network of web pages was created to replace the Viceroy Area, but that lasted from 2000 until 2004. At the time of this update (July 14, 2006), you could go to,, or to visit websites maintained by Viceroy. Please be aware that they have things that used to be on this page...

NOTE: We still have some old stuff up here... check out Touch of Class

Thanks for coming this way and feel free to let us know how you got here.

Bobby, VArea Former Manager and current webmaster :)

Version 3.02